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Crimping tool "N" including insert "A"

Our "N" crimping tool is used to make solderless connections.

The supplied crimp insert "A" is designed for the JR, Fu, MPX and BEC plug contacts (pin and socket). For this the crimping range AWG 24 - 30 (0,051 - 0,205 mm²) is planned.

The crimping pliers "N" can also be used for other contacts. For this purpose, the insert "A" must be replaced by one of the other inserts. The following crimp inserts are available:

- crimping insert "A" is included with crimping pliers, with ranges AWG 24-30 (0.051 - 0.205 mm²) for servo and AWG 18-24 (0.205 - 0.823 mm²) couplings for TAM and AMP.

- crimping insert "B" with crimping ranges AWG 14 (2.08 mm²) and AWG 24 (0.205 mm²) for AMP / TAM male and female contacts for 0.75 - 2.5 mm² stranded wire.

- Crimp insert "C" for the balancer cables of the series "EH" / "XH" / "FP" / "TP" (RM 1.5mm). It has a crimping area width (crimping mouth width) of approx. 3.8 mm.

- Crimp insert "D" for the balancer cables of the series "ZH" (grid 1.25mm). It has a crimp width (crimping jaw width) of approx. 2.8 mm and is suitable for these smaller contacts

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